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06 March 17
Sometimes I wonder what planet I am on anyway. This afternoon I was about town running some errands, one of which was picking up some odd stuff at one of our local stores.  It seems I have had no luck convincing anyone else to do my laundry so I will have to do my own. Among the items I purchased was a bottle of fabric softener, Snuggle to be exact.  No real brand loyalty, it was simply what was on sale today. I made my way to the front of the store and began to check out. The clerk was a rather attractive young lady who was trying to be friendly. As she was checking out the items and bagging them, she looked up and ask me if I wanted my Snuggle in a bag. I know my hearing must be going bad, I swear I thought I heard her say "do you want to snuggle in a bag?" I must have gotten a really strange look on my face, because she quickly rephrased her question as "would you like your bottle of Snuggle in a bag?"  Without me ever saying a word, I could hear the chuckles from the folks behind me. I did, by the way, want my Snuggle in a bag.
      Maybe my hearing is not what it used to be, or maybe I am just hearing what I would really like to hear, but if this continues I can really see trouble in my future. Time for a hearing aid!

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23 March 17
Hi all. I just read on an item on that incredibly reliable news source Yahoo (lol) that a reality star, Christina El Moussa was being slammed on the web for posing with her 7 year old daughter wearing a swimsuit. So this is how judgmental we have become as a society? With all the other crap moms and dads are doing these days! For real! I could name hundreds of things upstanding moms are doing that are far worse than this, and many of those same self righteous ninis are the ones doing the judging. As they used to say, clean your own back yard and stop worryng about the neighbors!