So, I was thinking...
23 September 17
     Today I am pulling into my driveway. As I do I open my garage door. In the middle of the drive is a squirrel.  In itself this would not be so odd and I would never have thought about it but this rodent was acting a little unusual. Normally when I open the garage door squirrels scamper. Not this guy. He or she (not really sure) just stood there. Then, stood up and looked straight at me. Kind of like he was issuing a challenge. Then he raised his chin into the air as if to say "whatsup!".   I think this squirrel was daring me to get out of my car and face him.It wasn't moving.
     Now lately I have found branches that had fallen from the trees in my back yard that were still green, healthy with green leaves still hanging from them. My thought was that we really needed to put the squirrels on a diet. But now, maybe they were making a statement of some kind. Who knows. 
     Back many years ago squirrels would never have been so bold. After all they were on the menu. Along with rabbits.  But no one eats squirrel anymore so they just seem to be getting bolder and bolder with each passing day. I am beginning to believe that I need to show these rodents who's yard this is anyway, and they are just trespassers. I could find a squirrel trap, take a few as POW's, and teach them some manners. After all, I am paying for this place, not them.  They are the freeloaders.  They just spend their day jumping around the trees and digging little holes in my yard. They do not pay taxes or rent. And one of them has the nerve to challenge me!  Well, I'm not backing down. Not one bit.
     Today, I won the battle. I gave the little brat a chance to move and it made a stand. But I showed it. The squirrel stood there, do I took my foot off the brake and hit the gas. The coward turned an ran. He was not so brave when I showed that fur ball I was all business. And I think this is just the beginning. I will take back my yard! If they want to live here they will obey my rules. I am the boss!! So there.